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OMNI Learning and Development Series

Investing in leadership and professional development is no longer optional—it’s a strategic imperative for companies seeking sustainable growth. Fostering a culture of growth, empowerment, and continuous learning boosts employee engagement, retention, and succession planning, driving organizational success through enhanced morale, innovation, and productivity.

Our team of seasoned experts collectively offers decades of experience and a rich diversity of expertise across multiple industries and specialties. Paired with our relationship-based, holistic approach to partnering with our clients, their expertise ensures learning and development solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and culture.

At OMNI, you’ll find:

· A robust, customizable menu of topics and approaches.
· Learning & development opportunities for employees at all levels.
· A variety of delivery options – both in person and virtual.

Our broad array of solutions meets the full gamut of learning and development needs and time constraints: microlearning modules, skill-building webinars, workshop series, leadership development programs, intensive “boot camps,” customized on-site trainings, and more.

Partner with OMNI to discover the transformative power of investing in your team. We’ll help you instill the necessary skills and knowledge to help your team thrive in today’s dynamic business environment, laying the groundwork for your organization’s future success and growth.

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Our Offerings

Leadership Academy

Is your organization ready to make leadership development a fundamental underpinning to future growth and success? OMNI is excited to offer an effective – and affordable – solution.

Our three dynamic 3-day in person leadership academy tracks are designed to elevate your team’s potential. In each highly interactive track, participants will experience a cutting edge curriculum, covering core topics and themes that will build a strong foundation for the future.

Whether you’re looking to boost individual contributors, new supervisors, or seasoned leaders – or all three – we’ve got the perfect program for you:

Emerging Leaders Track: Ideal for high-potential individual contributors ready to step up their leadership skills to the next level. Click here for more details and to register for the next session.

New Supervisors & Managers Track: Tailored for those who have become supervisors or managers within the past two years. Click here for more details and to register for the next session.

Executive & Senior Management Track: Perfect for high-potential current management members looking to refine their leadership skills. Click here for more details and to register for the next session.

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Are you looking for a tool that will offer valuable insights into your workforce, optimize hiring decisions, and foster a culture of continuous development and engagement?

Discover the transformative power of employee assessments.

Employee assessments can be beneficial in countless situations, but with so many assessment tools available on the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one.

Our expert consultants understand that assessments are by no means one-size-fits-all, and they have the right training to guide you in selecting the appropriate assessment for your organization’s unique needs, goals, and culture.

Partnering with OMNI to identify and use the right assessment tool will help you build strong people, teams, and company success in a broad array of scenarios:

· Hiring & recruitment
· Employee development
· Performance evaluation
· Teambuilding
· Succession planning
· Periods of organizational change
· Compliance and legal protection
· Measuring employee engagement

And because it’s crucial to take meaningful action on the valuable insights gained from assessments, we’ll help you develop a customized, actionable plan to address your results, strengthening your teams and fostering a more skilled and effective workforce


Join us for monthly professional development workshops on topics such as “Managing Conflict and the Difficult Conversation,” “Essentials to Behavioral Based Interviewing,” and “A Roadmap for Supervisory Success.” 

These sessions are available on an individual signup basis and are typically held virtually. Each course includes handouts and a workshop recording.

Workshops are available to employees of our outsourcing and membership clients at no charge. All others are welcome, at the cost of $75.00 per person, per workshop. Click here for specific dates and topics.

Careers and Connections Networking Events

At OMNI, we’re in the business of helping people. We know that sometimes you need a professional, outside perspective to help you move forward in your career. 

Are you…

  • Looking for career advice on how to get ahead in your current profession?
  • Ready for a change but unsure of how to get started?
  • Wanting to create stronger professional relationships?


We can help! We provide insight and perspectives to help professionals grow their network, increase their awareness of opportunities, and enhance their visibility in the marketplace.

Join us each month for free virtual career coaching specific to your needs. For dates and details please visit our Events page.

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