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Managing business and growth means managing people. Both are complex in nature and deeply entwined.

All Business. All People. All the Time.

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More than 500 organizations have trusted OMNI Human Resource Management for advice, counsel, executive search, and administrative functions. Whether acting as the outsourced, full-service HR department or providing ad hoc advice and support, our consultants help foster a winning culture to drive overall workforce and company performance.

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Comprehensive HR Services Based on Strategy, Not Hope

As a full-service human resources consulting firm we support clients with virtually every aspect of human resources management, including employee relations, compensation strategy, cultural development, performance management and more.
Executive Search/Talent Acquisition
Our Search Consultants have the tools, technology, and expertise to improve your visibility in the market and source the best candidates for the role – wherever they may be hidden.
Let us be your HR business partner from A to Z. OMNI provides a third-party shared service business model, offering scalable technology solutions for managing all HR processes, including payroll, benefits, recruiting, and broad consulting needs.
Membership Community
Some businesses simply need an HR expert on call. Our Membership Community is perfect for clients in search of counsel on-demand and general HR information and resources.


Employers: It’s Not Always About the Pay

As we enter the final months of 2021, employers everywhere are budgeting for employee pay in the coming year. This is nothing new, but the landscape for compensation planning has changed drastically, due to the impact of the pandemic on the workforce. Though employment levels have rebounded somewhat since the early months of the pandemic, they’re still at the lowest they’ve been since the 1970s, particularly in arenas with the lowest paying jobs. There’s no single cause for the current labor shortage – it’s a…

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Unemployment Fraud Continues in Kansas

In March of this year, OMNI provided an update about a rash of fraudulent unemployment claims – over 82,000 in just one week—in the state of Kansas. At the time, the state’s antiquated claims processing computer system, lax security measures, and the historic unemployment levels created a perfect storm that gave Kansas the highest number of fraudulent claims in any state, behind only California and Illinois. In April, Kansas state Governor Laura Kelly signed legislation into law, holding harmless businesses that had been victimized by…

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Are You a Victim of Unemployment Fraud?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the state of Kansas has experienced historic unemployment levels, leading to overwhelming demand on the state’s 40-year-old unemployment claims processing computer system. Last week alone, over 82,000 unemployment claims were filed in Kansas. Exacerbating the delays in benefits for legitimate claimants has been the unprecedented number of fraudulent unemployment claims, an unintended consequence of the enhanced unemployment benefits contained in last year’s CARES Act. In fact, due to what state legislators call lax security measures, Kansas has the third…

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