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More than 500 organizations have trusted OMNI Human Resource Management for advice, counsel, executive search, and administrative functions. Whether acting as the outsourced, full-service HR department or providing ad hoc advice and support, our consultants help foster a winning culture to drive overall workforce and company performance.

OMNI Expertly Manages Human Resources

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As a full-service human resources consulting firm we support clients with virtually every aspect of human resources management, including employee relations, compensation strategy, cultural development, performance management and more.

Let us be your HR business partner from A to Z. OMNI provides a third-party shared service business model, offering scalable technology solutions for managing all HR processes, including payroll, benefits, recruiting, and broad consulting needs.

Our Search Consultants have the tools, technology, and expertise to improve your visibility in the market and source the best candidates for the role – wherever they may be hidden.

Some businesses simply need an HR expert on call. Our Membership Community is perfect for clients in search of counsel on-demand and general HR information and resources.

OMNI Insider Blog Series

Why DEI Matters in Higher Education

Many leaders at colleges and universities are experiencing a high level of frustration over how to address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) issues at their institutions. Usually, expenses are tight, and they feel they cannot afford to have a dedicated staff member focused on DEI.

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Do I Need an Executive Coach?

Professional athletes know that no matter how well things are going, change happens, and they will need help getting back on track. That’s why Tiger Woods, Hank Aaron, and Peyton Manning had coaches. If you’re a leader, you need one too. In this post, OMNI

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Higher Ed Student Trends and HR Practices

Salesforce recently released their third edition of the Connected Student Report, surveying over 2,600 staff and students across higher education. While at first glance, the report may seem to have little to do with HR, OMNI Senior Consultant and Higher Education Practice Leader Roger Dusing,

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