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Managing business and growth means managing people. Both are complex in nature and deeply entwined.

All Business. All People. All the Time.

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More than 500 organizations have trusted OMNI Human Resource Management for advice, counsel, executive search, and administrative functions. Whether acting as the outsourced, full-service HR department or providing ad hoc advice and support, our consultants help foster a winning culture to drive overall workforce and company performance.

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Comprehensive HR Services Based on Strategy, Not Hope

As a full-service human resources consulting firm we support clients with virtually every aspect of human resources management, including employee relations, compensation strategy, cultural development, performance management and more.
Executive Search/Talent Acquisition
Our Search Consultants have the tools, technology, and expertise to improve your visibility in the market and source the best candidates for the role – wherever they may be hidden.
Let us be your HR business partner from A to Z. OMNI provides a third-party shared service business model, offering scalable technology solutions for managing all HR processes, including payroll, benefits, recruiting, and broad consulting needs.
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Some businesses simply need an HR expert on call. Our Membership Community is perfect for clients in search of counsel on-demand and general HR information and resources.


Be prepared for union activity to avoid costly mistakes

Part II of a two-part series on union organizing Your organization may not seem vulnerable to union organizing activity, but current trends suggest otherwise. Union activity is on the rise—during the first half of fiscal year 2022, union petitions jumped 57% from the second half of FY2021. Experts say that if this pace continues, this could be the largest surge in petitions in well over a decade. Now that the unionizing efforts from within Starbucks and Amazon have gained traction, unionizing may seem like far…

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When OSHA Knocks: Part I

Note: This article is Part I of a two-part series With a plethora of investigative agencies that can show up at an employer’s door, it is imperative to understand the purpose of an OSHA visit. Equally critical is the need for employers to proactively set themselves up for a favorable outcome. Because OSHA inspections are unannounced, organizations should preplan their strategy in the event of an inspection. The federal government views OSHA penalties not only as a deterrent, but also as a source of revenue…

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Union Organizing: How to Prepare

NOTE: This article is Part I of a multi-part series on union organizing. During a union organizing drive, the statements and actions of an employer are critical. While leadership may be compelled to do or say whatever it takes to keep out a union, doing so could backfire. Once a union organizing attempt is launched, it is imperative for an employer not to engage in any activity that could be considered interference in the employees’ right to freely choose or reject the union. Employers should…

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