Membership Services – HR On Call

Sometimes you just need to talk to an expert. There isn't much we haven't seen.

  • I've never hired someone…where do I start?
  • I've never fired someone…where do I start?
  • I got this notice in the mail from the Department of Labor…what does it mean?
  • One of my employees is going to have surgery, what now?
  • How do I deal with someone who seems inebriated?
  • One of my people tells me they're being harassed by a co-worker…what do I do?
  • When and why do I need to pay overtime?
  • Do I need to let someone have time off for personal affairs?
  • I think one of my new staff members is stealing…what do I do?
  • Is a car allowance taxable?
  • How do I get started with employee benefits?
  • I got a notice from the Social Security folks of a mis-match in social security numbers for one of my staff members…what do I do now?

Our Membership Services affords telephone and email access to our consultant staff for a low monthly fee. Membership clients are also offered access to most of our OMNI trainings free of charge.

For more information on our Membership Services program, please call Michael Tracy, Managing Principal, 913.653.8070 or email to