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Emotional Intelligence

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2023-05-11 13:30:00


$75 per person


Free for Outsourcing or Membership clients

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Based on the works of Daniel Goleman, this course will discuss how emotional intelligence drives your interactions. You will:

  1. Learn self-awareness of one’s own level and understanding of Emotional Intelligence.
  2. Learn the basic principles of Emotional Intelligence when working with others.
  3. Identify your personal opportunities for growth and development.



Presenter: Roger Dusing, Senior Consultant & Higher Education Practice Leader, OMNI Human Resource Management

Cost: $75/person (no charge for Outsourcing or Membership clients)

To register and receive Zoom login information, email Jennifer Gross-Statler

Interested in presenting this topic to your team? Contact us for details regarding customized onsite workshops.


2023-05-11 13:30:00


2023-05-11 13:30:00


$75 per person | Free for Outsourcing or Membership clients

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