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Accountability Without Authority

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2023-04-20 13:30:00


$60 per person


Free for Outsourcing or Membership clients

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Staff roles such as accounting, information systems, human resources, and even marketing, are often accountable
for organizational performance but so often have no authority over people and processes to make things happen.
Personal leadership and influence are often the only critical skills one can use to make change happen. During this
workshop, you will learn:

  • Self-awareness of personal styles favored when influencing, or being influenced by, others.
  • Definitions of different forms of personal power bases and their appropriateness in certain
  • Connection between personal power bases and personal leadership styles.
  • Practical application of influence styles in different situations



Presenter: Roger Dusing, OMNI Senior Consultant & Higher Education Practice Leader

Cost: $60/person (no charge for Outsourcing or Membership clients)

To register and receive Zoom login information, email Jennifer Gross-Statler

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2023-04-20 13:30:00


2023-04-20 13:30:00


$60 per person | Free for Outsourcing or Membership clients

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