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Keeping Your Professional Network Fresh During Covid-19…

Like many of you, a typical week for me over the past several years has consisted of numerous coffees, lunches, breakfasts, etc. to visit with potential clients, candidates and new network connections.   I thrive on these meetings and as a result have built a professional network of people who, in turn, have become friends.

The impact of Covid-19 has necessitated a new approach for keeping in touch and rethinking the process.  A few ways I’ve been continuing to build, develop and cultivate my network are simple.  They include:

  • Initial assessment and pressing the reset button: Taking advantage of this time to ‘pause’ and reflect on my professional network and consider ways for expansion.
  • Checking in with my current network: A simple email, note or phone call to check in and stay in touch.
  • Scheduling virtual intro’s with new connections: Reaching out and utilizing technology for virtual meetings has been a fun way to offer a ‘personal’ approach to initial meetings.
  • Tentatively scheduling lunches, coffees or touch points for mid-summer when it may be more feasible to be out and about while practicing social distancing.

This is an ideal time to expand your professional network and not let it stall or stagnate. The connections made now will be of mutual benefit in the longer term for both parties.

Stay safe and be well.

Michelle Anderson
Vice President of Executive Search
OMNI Human Resource Management

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