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Recruitment in a Covid-19 World

During this new normal of social distancing, sanitizing and Zoom calls, it’s easy for organizations and individuals to feel disconnected to their customers and what life was like before Covid-19. We all are tuning in daily to understand the latest developments in the news and contribute towards our organization’s goals and overall health and wellness – both from a human and financial perspective.

It may be surprising, but one opportunity organizations have during this time is to focus on recruitment and employer branding. Many organizations are working diligently to hire employees while others are forced to downsize or furlough many employees during this time. Organizations on either side of the spectrum can focus on employer branding, candidate experience and recruitment.

If your organization is experiencing financial hardship during this time, consider publishing materials on your new products to the market, highlighting exemplary employees on social media, community outreach efforts and generally what makes your organization an employer of choice. If there are candidates that hiring managers would like to bring on board when the business ramps up again, please take the time to connect through video or phone to develop those relationships, keeping them informed on the organization and department needs. Staying relevant and top of mind even when on a hiring freeze will continue to attract top talent and provide positive momentum when the market changes.

If your organization is one of the essential businesses in today’s environment, you may be struggling to keep up with demand to hire qualified employees. Consider a short and long-term strategy and incentives when hiring full-time employees or contractors. Utilize aggregate job boards, social media and employee referral programs. Communication with team members and candidates, as well as sharing the organization’s recruitment needs are key to keeping up with demand and providing a positive candidate experience.

Expanding your recruitment team in the short term is a good option as well. Partnering with an HR consulting firm such as OMNI offers your recruitment team an ability to address demand as well as bandwidth to find niche skill sets in the market. If you would like to learn more about OMNI Human Resource Management’s recruitment support , please reach out to me at

Best wishes for good health and a strong 2020!

Anna Robinson
Senior Search Consultant
OMNI Human Resource Management

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