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Coronavirus at Work: Tips to Navigate the Recruitment and Interview Process

The global spread of coronavirus has impacted the job market almost overnight. Few industries have been spared from the fallout, with many companies going on hiring freezes. However, we are seeing a rise in hiring for healthcare, biotech, pharma, tech, and supermarket chains, among others. It’s no surprise that coronavirus has created significant implications for the hiring and recruitment process of these companies.

Now more than ever, organizations need to fine tune their online hiring process. We consistently encourage our clients to leverage their digital capabilities to ensure they’re reaching top talent in the market.

Here’s a few tips for success:

  • Leverage Social Media: Don’t just rely on job boards – utilize the company’s social media channels to promote open positions, which includes having employees share job openings with their personal networks.
  • Respond Quickly: Things are changing rapidly in this uncertain environment, so it’s critical to promptly respond to candidates and understand their personal situations are fluid as well.
  • Check Your Tech: Conduct a test video call prior to the interview to ensure all participants can easily access the online interview platform (bonus – have a recruiter do a test run with the candidate).
  • Mind Your Manners: Make up for the lack of social cues by communicating warmly and openly, while pausing to give the candidate time to answer your questions and account for a lag in connection.


You might be wondering if candidates are even receptive to virtual interviews during this time. According to Amy Warner, Director of talent acquisition at iCIMS—in the new guide, Keep Your Business Running with Virtual Hiring – the answer is, yes. “Candidates really appreciate the opportunity to interview from a place that is convenient for them,” she says. “There’s a strong sense of candidate appreciation when you show concern for their schedule, health, or family situation. It doesn’t have to be a major disruption to implement virtual screening—they are always useful as an employer and for the candidate.”

The global pandemic could change the way employers hire for the better. The move from in-person to virtual recruitment, and the prevalence of work-from-home situations, could be a positive thing for job seekers who are increasingly looking for flexible work. Only time will tell to determine whether this trend continues in a post-coronavirus world.

Brianna Moore
Search Consultant
OMNI Human Resource Management

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