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Conducting Effective Exit Interviews: Part I

If your company can’t answer the “why?” for conducting exit interviews with departing employees, or if you’re not doing them at all, it may be time to re-evaluate. Too few […]

When OSHA Knocks: Part II

OSHA inspections are unannounced, but businesses can set themselves up for a favorable outcome by having a strategy in place before the inspector ever walks through the door. “When OSHA Knocks […]

When OSHA Knocks: Part I

Note: This article is Part I of a two-part series With a plethora of investigative agencies that can show up at an employer’s door, it is imperative to understand the […]

Union Organizing: How to Prepare

NOTE: This article is Part I of a multi-part series on union organizing. During a union organizing drive, the statements and actions of an employer are critical. While leadership may […]

Employers: It’s Not Always About the Pay

As we enter the final months of 2021, employers everywhere are budgeting for employee pay in the coming year. This is nothing new, but the landscape for compensation planning has […]

Unemployment Fraud Continues in Kansas

In March of this year, OMNI provided an update about a rash of fraudulent unemployment claims – over 82,000 in just one week—in the state of Kansas. At the time, […]

It Can Happen to Anyone

The unfortunate recent situation at Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewing Company is a place no business owner or leader wants to find themselves. The ongoing challenge is whether or not […]