It Can Happen to Anyone | OMNI Human Resource Management

The unfortunate recent situation at Kansas City’s own Boulevard Brewing Company is a place no business owner or leader wants to find themselves. The ongoing challenge is whether or not you and/or your management teams are “in front of” or “behind” underlying negative sentiments, issues, and risks.

General training is a start, but never the end of ensuring your workplace is well protected against issues of harassment and discrimination. Other important, proactive steps often include things like:

  • Exit interviews as people leave the company.
  • Regular, consistent, and anonymous culture surveys.
  • Focused management ‘coaching’ on how to spot and manage employee matters.
  • Clearly communicated reporting procedures, and perhaps a third party, anonymous concerns line.

You might consider going beyond the traditional “check the box – we did the training” and give your organization a bit more investment to ensure you’re in front of, not behind, what’s really going on.