A Benefit with Long Term Payout: Outplacement Support | OMNI Human Resource Management

When considering options to provide benefits for employees, most immediately consider medical, dental, and 401K plan with employer match, but have you considered adding outplacement support to this must have list? Many organizations are still working through what their new organizational structure should look like after Covid-19 and customer demand adjusts yet again as the country begins to reopen. Outplacement Support could be one of the most valued benefits your employees receive this year as some transition into a job search.

Outplacement support offers displaced employees an opportunity to reset with 1:1 personalized approach with an experienced OMNI consultant. Together, the individual and OMNI consultant will discuss professional job search goals, resume and personal branding, as well as individualized coaching for networking, interview preparation, offer negotiation, etc.

For many people, going through a job transition can be a roller coaster of emotions, expectations, and timelines. Having a trusted advisor through this process can be a benefit that has long term positive effects. Understanding the current job market, defining target employers and marketing yourself are concepts most understand but find hard to execute. Having professional support to work through these tasks along with someone who understands each person’s unique goals can make an immediate impact in an individual’s search as well as their long-term career path.

If you would like to learn more about OMNI’s Outplacement Support services, please contact Anna Robinson at arobinson@omnihrm.com or 913-653-8089.